Why Content Is The Long-Term Marketing Solution

    Content marketing has become the new black when it comes to online SEO strategies. Considered by professionals as a more effective method than simple link building, using an efficient content marketing strategy has shown an increase in both organic traffic and higher search engine rankings.

    Marketing and Fluidity

    Traditional SEO campaigns have tended to focus on analysis. While it's worthwhile to analyze web traffic, it is even more important to invest in developing an online marketing strategy that produces viable results for you.

    Savvy competitors continue to engage cutting edge, game-changing strategies such as content marketing. Online marketing, like any other successful endeavor, is far more effective when it is fluid. Due to its core nature, content marketing is one of the most fluid of all SEO and online marketing strategies.

    Link Building Produces Short Term Results

    Marketing professionals have found that focusing on search success alone through SEO link-building has rarely produced anything other than short term results. Search engine algorithms are primed to detect anything appearing unnatural. Therefore, the next major change to Google search result ranking algorithms (Penguin), is likely to create an unpleasantly indefensible position for websites that don't bring their content up to snuff.

    Unlike link building, high quality web content provides your websites with:

    • Consistently fresh, and therefore more searchable information
    • A way to maintain business relationships by staying in the forefront of their minds
    • Interesting, informative and useful information for customers and potential customers
    • The ability to attract more prospects by making offers to assist them

    The Precariousness of Links

    Link building uses a more mechanical system. Because of this, links alone are unreliable as a consistently viable ranking resource. Search algorithms have demonstrated a certain fluidity to their nature, which is why web content needs to be the same way.

    SEOmoz data has shown that Facebook shares and likes garnered the largest ranking correlation. Even though Google insists that it does not use this type of data for rankings, it is nonetheless a very powerful aspect of content identification.

    In any case, acquiring great links should not be the main goal in SEO marketing. Target metrics should also include relevant audience, traffic, shares, page views and followers - all of which contributes to revenue.

    The online universe constantly changes. Google may begin to count those social media giant aspects, particularly if entities like Twitter or Facebook become too powerful. Google may decide that it is “too big to fail” and change its algorithm system.

    While the above scenario may not be likely, true, valuable content marketing is what will withstand that sort of sea change.

    The Best Content Garners Natural Links

    While basic link building is a task method, web content marketing employs a full strategy. Attempting to build links for the sake of SEO is eventually caught by Google's algorithm due to its perceived “falseness.”

    For example, when content has numerous links and no social footprint, it is clear to Google that those links were built-in, rather than generated naturally. Conversely, content with social traction and no links can hurt its relevancy and trust quotient in search engines.

    Each website has different SEO requirements, and therefore needs a unique strategy, particularly when local online marketing tactics are factored in. Most often, an SEO analysis reveals that that a website really needs much more great content along with high quality links. Since natural, quality links are garnered through excellent web content, this is the most logical aspect to focus on in online marketing.

    The most effective online marketing strategy includes both useful, informative and engaging content that produces viable, targeted traffic infinitely. The bonus is that the natural links will include social and viral traffic, in addition to search engine traffic.

    Content Marketing Methods

    Google began valuing established authorship along with natural links some time ago. Because content marketing includes those two aspects, it has become one of the more effective online marketing tactics. The many methods used in content marketing can include:

    • Establishing effective websites social profiles
    • Creating online authorship presence
    • Encouraging natural links through relevant content

    The Future of Content Marketing

    Regardless of what it's called, the best web content plan can produce valuable, long term results for you.

    Effective web content attracts, engages and builds an audience. Therefore, it is not even necessary to purely use linking to enhance search strategies. Online content marketing strategies enable any business or website to get the best return on investment of marketing time and dollars. This is another reason that these strategies have become the best methods for consistent, long term online business success.

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