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How Business Writing Services Help You Find Your Voice

Companies big and small understand how important it is to create a brand around their business. A brand is simply the lasting impression an audience receives from all they read, hear, or experience when they encounter a company’s product or service. One concept that’s often at best misunderstood, or at worst ignored, is the “hear” element of branding.

Even if the way people overwhelmingly learn about a brand is reading about it – be it on websites, in newsletters, or other printed materials – it’s imperative that companies looking to project an image of trustworthiness and relevance find their voice.

Many companies struggle with articulating what they stand for, which makes it doubly difficult to establish a consistent voice in the marketplace. Business writing services are a solution that can help brands find their voice and avoid having outsiders shape their message.

But first, let’s discuss why it’s so important to create a corporate voice in your business writings.

Developing a Distinct Voice

Organizations spend a lot of time choosing logos, palettes, and other visual cues like images and fonts that they tend to think of as “branding.” But crafting a unique voice isn’t as easy as picking out pictures and colors. Want an easy way to test how unique a brand’s voice is? Cover up the logo and then read the content. Can you identify who the company is? Or does it sound like every other widget maker?

The goal of creating a corporate voice is to unify a brand’s communications and build recognition and awareness. A good place to start is with the company’s mission or brand positioning statement. From that, a style or “voice” guide can be created.

Style guides can be likened to “show bibles” that television series use to ensure that characters stay consistent and plot points from season one aren’t forgotten or abandoned by season five. They also lay out at the start of a show how each successive season will play out.

A voice style guide simply spells out the so-called rules that should be followed when creating any type of content. It should reflect a distinct cadence and specific vocabulary to be used no matter where the content is used. Done right, the guide gives a brand an overall tone and voice that is instantly recognizable by its target audiences.

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How Business Writing Services Can Help

The right words in the right voice can inform, educate, entertain, inspire, and motivate an audience. Business writing services can help you find the right words to connect with the intended audience and get a brand’s message across in a way that encourages readers to engage and, ultimately, take action.

Professional writing services create all sorts of written documents:

  • Online content, including website content, landing pages, and blogs
  • White papers and how-to guides
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Company bios and mission statements
  • Newsletters and magazines

And the list goes on for what business writing services can do for you… marketing plans, press releases, sales letters, social media profiles, media kits, and e-books to name a half-dozen more.

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The Bottom Line for Business Content Writing Services

There are times when partnering with a company that provides business writing services is the best route for a brand to take. Using an outside platform to research, write, and edit a brand’s written content gives you access to thousands of writers from which to build a team that can deliver well-written copy with a distinct voice.

Connecting with writers who know the intended customer and understand what a brand wants to communicate is an invaluable service from which most brands can benefit. To learn more about content writing services, check out our white paper, "Don’t Hire a Content Marketing Agency Without Reading This First."

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