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How to Get More Content for Your Client's Buck

Content marketing takes time. When you're consistently creating new content for each of your clients, it can use up a lot of your own time as well. The process of creating content doesn't always have to start over every time, or take a large chunk of time. There are ways to get more content for your client's buck so that you have time to spend on other deliverables.

Check out a few of these agency content solutions to determine how you can get more content for less.

1. Break up your posts.

This is less about getting or creating more content and more about using the content you already have more strategically. Take a look at some of your blog posts or blog topics for a particular client. Which ones can be broken up into multiple parts? You don't have to use a different blog topic for every blog post. It's completely okay, and even encouraged, to create multiple parts of popular blog posts and topics.

2. Curate content.

Usually, when you see curated content being discussed, it's with social media marketing. However, curated content can also be effective in content marketing. If you see a really incredible infographic pertaining to your client's industry, you can absolutely share it in a new blog post on their website. Just make sure you credit the creator of the infographic, and include a quick 300 words about the infographic and what it explains for SEO purposes.

3. Revisit older posts.

Look back at some of your client's older posts. Do any of them need to be rewritten or updated? In an industry like ours (content marketing and social media), things are ever-changing, so we like to regularly update our own content. It's a good idea to do so for your clients as well.

You can republish the article with the original date and the date it was last updated to let readers know that you make it a priority to provide the most up-to-date information possible.

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4. Use more than only written content.

A blog does not have to consist exclusively of written articles. In fact, you can publish anything you'd like to your client's blog. If you've created video content for them, dedicate each video to a blog post. (Remember to include a quick 300 word blurb or transcription for SEO purposes.)

Share infographics, interviews, videos, images, podcasts, radio segments, and more. You can create a blog post fully of #MondayMotivation graphics that you've created. (These perform phenomenally on Pinterest, by the way. People love motivational graphic quotes.)

There are so many agency content solutions, so don't box yourself in with only written content.

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5. Outsource to an external agency.

Sure, you're already running an agency. Why would you outsource your clients' outsourced work?

Well, for one, it can be much more efficient than keeping it in-house. Especially when you're first starting out as an agency, you or your employees might not be experts at blog writing. However, you are experts at the other services you provide. This isn't a bad thing, and it doesn't mean you should spend painstaking hours creating blog content for your clients if it's not your specialty. This can result in using too much of the time your clients are paying you for.

This is why we recommend outsourcing your client's blog content to an external agency. Finding a content marketing agency can, in many ways, be cheaper to your clients than you creating the content in-house. Some agencies charge by the word, while others charge by the article or by the hour. But when you hire seasoned writers for your client's blog content, it's going to get done quicker and better than you might have done yourself.

Save time and create more efficiency in your agency with these agency content solutions. Zerys can help you find the perfect writers for your clients so that you can get back to doing what you specialize in, while we supplement with optimized blog content. To learn more, check out our white paper, "Top 10 Ways Blog Writing Services Can Help You Succeed."

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