7 Elements Of An Awesomely Effective Landing Page

    If you're offering reliable, effective copywriting services to clients, be sure you know how to write a great landing page. As businesses learn the basic (and not-so-basic) tools of online marketing, they're starting to ask questions about landing pages, and you should be able to answer them.

    What's a landing page?

    Simply put, a landing page is a lead capture page. It's where prospective customers end up when they click an online ad or search engine result. Landing pages are what companies use to:

    • Introduce themselves to new audiences
    • Collect data on viable leads
    • Encourage or facilitate transactions

    The team providing copywriting services needs to keep all these goals in mind when drafting a landing page. But remember, a great landing page needs much more than just pristine writing talent.

    Landing Page Essentials

    Some landing pages do their jobs very well, while others just take up space while falling flat. The best landing pages, however, have seven crucial elements. If you want your landing page to make an impact, it has to have them as well.

    1. An Irresistible Headline

    Web viewers scan headlines and only read the copy below when they see something they like. Your visitors won't bother reading your landing page copy unless you've written a great headline to entice them. If your company sells gift baskets, for example, write a headline that promises time and money saved, or the undying love and gratitude a gift from your business will inspire.

    2. A Compelling Offer and Benefit

    Once your headline has captured your readers' attention, elaborate on the theme with your copy. Write a short (2-3 paragraphs) description of what you're offering and what readers will get from it. Since you're being brief, don't focus on the nitty-gritty; just highlight the most compelling benefits. Also, make the page easier to read by breaking the copy up into short paragraphs and bullet lists.

    3. A Clear Call to Action

    So you've told your visitors what you're selling; now what? People may enjoy reading content written by a copywriting services professional, but they need clear instructions on what to do to take advantage of the offer. Add a call to action to your landing page so your visitor doesn't just move on. This could be an invitation to call a number, download a white paper or fill out a Request Info form (more on that later).

    4. Company Branding Elements

    Maybe you think it doesn't matter what your landing page looks like, but it's your visitors' first impression of you, not their last. However you design your landing page, make sure it shares the same branding elements as the rest of your web presence, including your logo, tagline, and color scheme. If you're in charge of the copywriting services for the landing page, incorporate your business's tone and language into the copy as well.

    5. Eye-Catching Graphics

    These days, web pages with video and other graphics generate more traffic than those that don't. The same is true of landing pages, so add them to your page. Some businesses get by on a random stock photo, but you'll do better if you use unique and relevant content. Take a photo of the product(s) you're promoting; it shows visitors exactly what they'll get, and you can be sure no one else is using your photos.

    6. Signs of Credibility

    Web pages aren't hard to create, which has made web users more reluctant than ever to get too involved with a new website. That's why you need to prove your credibility on your landing page. On various areas of your page, place security badges, professional memberships and affiliations, and, most importantly, a privacy policy that promises visitors they won't get strange emails from unknown sources.

    7. A Data Form

    Now that visitors know they have to contact you, make it easy to do so. A Request Info form serves two purposes; it allows visitors to express interest in your business, and it allows you to keep their information for further marketing purposes. You may only need basic information, like a name and email, but for more complex transactions - for instance, a college degree - ask for things like interests and background.

    IN today's competitive online marketing landscape, copywriting services have to include the ability to create a killer landing page. If you have the talent and the know-how to incorporate the elements listed above, you're on your way to landing page success. To learn more, check out our white paper, "Top 10 Ways Blog Writing Services Can Help You Succeed."

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