Building an Effective Social Media Copywriting Process

    If you are struggling to help your client's business get ahead when it comes to online marketing, the proper use of social media may be just what you need to achieve your goals. However, understanding how to effectively use social media as a marketing tool is an important step to take before launching any type of online marketing campaign that involves social media.

    Social media copywriting is an essential component of your online marketing efforts. Learning more about what it is and how you can use it will help your clients stay competitive in the online arena.

    Understanding Social Media Copywriting

    Social media copywriting is the creation of text for the purpose of marketing via social media. Many businesses confuse copywriting with content marketing as a whole. Content marketing is a more complex mixture of the content itself, the creation of ideas for content and the strategic placement of this content on a website. Copywriting refers to the actual writing of text. While it is only one component of content marketing, it is an essential one.

    Tips For Mastering Social Media Copywriting

    Now that you understand the difference between social media copywriting and content marketing, you can take this knowledge a step further with these tips.

    • Be aware of the importance of the content in your blog. Forbes explains that building valuable content is a part of your content marketing strategy. Social media copywriting is how you drive traffic to your blog. Short, concise posts that are crafted to garner interest are needed to encourage your followers to become website visitors. The best way to get followers interested in reading your blog is to create curiosity.
    • Landing pages may provide basic information about your company, but social media followers may not be interested in reading these dry pages. This is why it is important for you to focus on your blog when you are copywriting.
    • Inject your personality into your copywriting efforts. Stating the facts is not enough to convince followers to continue on to your blog. You need to breathe some life into social media posts while keeping your posts short and easy to read. Pique interest by hinting at the most interesting parts of your blog or website without giving away everything.
    • Do not rehash the same information over and over again. Whether you are talking about something that you have already posted or information that is already available across the Internet, saying the same thing again and again will just bore followers. The value of your copywriting often lies in your ability to share new information.
    • Use copywriting to show potential customers that your product or service is the best solution to a problem that they have. You should already know how your product or service can be used to fulfill a need, so your job while copywriting is to highlight this feature.
    • Focus much of your attention on the headlines that you create in order to increase interest in clicking through. Social media followers are used to being bombarded with information and enticements to click through all day. This makes it more difficult for you to encourage a visit, but you can appeal to potential visitors by creating an eye-catching, interesting headline.
    • Do not be afraid to point out the problem to which you are providing a solution. While you do not want to alienate your customers, a slight touch of the nerve that fuels their insecurities is not always a bad strategy. Just be sure that you are able to thoroughly demonstrate that your business is able to provide a solution in order to avoid turning potential customers off by pointing out their issues.

    A Final Word

    Social media copywriting is a process that may require you to push out of your comfort zone in order to create unique, attention-grabbing headlines. This essential component of your content marketing plan helps to garner interest in your blog to drive traffic to your website.

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