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What’s Hot In Content Marketing, And Why You Should Care

content marketing

We talk a lot about the need for freshness in content marketing. But if you’ve been at it for a while, freshness can start to feel frustratingly elusive. How can you stay au courant with your marketing strategy and content?

5 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Content Marketing

content marketing

Many companies have embraced content marketing and are going full speed ahead with an inbound campaign. Others, however, may not be convinced that it's the right way to go or that the efforts will be rewarded with enough new business to make it worth it. If you fall into that second group, here are five good reasons why you can't ignore content marketing any longer.

Top 10 Tips For Better Email Marketing Content

email marketing content

The whole point of email marketing is to make a connection with your recipient. To do that, your emails need to be opened and read, preferably in their entirety. Achieving that depends less on the technical aspects and more on the quality of the content you include. And assuming that you already have a mailing list of qualified prospects, it’s not about SEO and getting found.

Is Your Marketing Content Speaking To Humans?

marketing content

When people interact with a customer service team that sounds scripted and the solutions seem one-size-fits-all, they feel alienated and lose interest in doing more business with that company. The same is true for content marketing. If your content looks like it was rolled fresh out of a machine, with little thought towards the individuals who will read it, people will look somewhere else for solutions to their problems.

5 Easy Tips For Producing Better Content, Faster

content marketing

Producing great content at a quick rate is a highly desirable skill. And like any skill, it's one that can be honed. Quality content increases site traffic and your bottom line.

3 Key Elements Of Effective Landing Page Content

landing page content

How effective is your landing page content strategy? Do you even have a deliberate and consistent plan for presenting your landing pages?

Repurposing Your Content For Lead Generation

repurpose content

Content marketing may be a fairly new concept, but marketing with content is as old as business itself. After all, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and direct mail campaigns were the mainstays of marketing before the internet. Repurposing content sounds like another new idea, however, taking the contents of a brochure and turning it into a trade show handout or postcard is nothing new. Taking something that you've worked hard to develop to perfection and using it in as many ways possible to get the most out of your investment is how businesses have always made the most of their marketing dollars.

6 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing

content marketing

Businesses of every size face marketing challenges. Startups have to make a name for themselves in a hyper-competitive economic climate, while large corporations need to maintain a personal touch and view their customers as more than just a number. For companies that are past the startup phase but are still a small business, effective content marketing is crucial for continued growth. Here are 6 ways you can use content marketing to help your organization grow.

5 Benefits Of Buyer Personas For Your Business

buyer personas

A buyer persona is a hypothetical profile of a real person who buys from a business or influences the buying process. These profiles include basic information about a person such as gender, age, income, marital status, and professional goals.  When used effectively, buyer personas help a company in numerous ways.  Here are five important reasons that your business should take the time to develop buyer personas for your service or product.

6 Benefits Of Ebooks For Your Content Marketing Campaign

ebook writing

Most content marketing efforts are focused on producing a blog that is updated frequently and provides shorter amounts of information that are easily digested by the reader. This doesn't leave you with a lot of room to go in-depth about any of the solutions that you provide.

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