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6 Must-Have Components Of A Successful Content Marketing Plan

content marketing plan

Content marketing is bigger than ever, and most companies now know it’s an essential aspect of brand building and online presence. It’s still an evolving concept, however, which requires a carefully planned strategy and coordinated implementation to be successful. I recently compiled a content marketing plan for a client, and realized while doing so that there are 6 critical components necessary to get it right, regardless of the type of business you’re in.

Is Your Marketing Content Customer-Centric?

marketing content

If you're looking for ways to increase your customer base, as well as improve the relationship you have with your current customers, content marketing is a wonderful opportunity. However, most business owners misunderstand what the purpose of marketing content is. The result is an ongoing sales pitch, which is not the type of content you want to write when you're focusing on customer relationships.

5 Easy Ways To Share Your Marketing Content

content promotion

If you are creating regular, engaging content for your business blog, good work! You have taken a major step towards developing your website's visibility and authority online and are probably putting yourself far ahead of most competitors. But once you hit that publish key don’t let that be the end of your content promotion strategy.  Get that blog out into the world—it deserves some attention! 

Branded Content: Your Blog Is Key

branded content

When it comes to brand building, your blog is a key element. It allows you to set yourself up as an industry expert and help people with their problems and issues related to your field of expertise. Your blog is an excellent way to use branded content to engage with followers. 

Brand Marketing: Companies That Do It Right!

brand marketing

John Deere started with a better plow. Adolphus Busch started with a better way to brew beer. For Walt Disney it all started with a mouse. These business behemoths are global in their business scope today but they share one thing in common with all businesses--they had to start somewhere!

Zerys: A Writer’s Perspective

Zerys Content Marketplace

For a few years now, the Zerys Content Marketplace has offered writers and buyers a place where they can come together to create and manage content projects.  Our intuitive platform has helped thousands of direct clients and hundreds of agencies find the best writers at the best price.  It has given freelance writers from around the world a way to earn money from home, and express themselves through the creative process of writing.

Branded Content: Tell Your Story

branded content

In the first couple of installments of writing about your brand we talked about understanding and  building your brand. Now, it's time to get down to some concrete steps you need to take to continue your branding journey. 

Brand Marketing: An Investment In Your Success

brand marketing

In the first installment of this series we looked at defining your brand identity. Now, we will look at beginning to build your brand. Brand marketing and your brand is all about how consumers see and interact with you.

Just How Powerful is Content Marketing? These Stats May Surprise You

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Every now and then, someone asks me, “Does Content Marketing Really Work?”

Defining Your Brand Identity: First Steps!

brand marketing

Brand marketing is a term used pretty extensively in the business world today. A search for the term turned up 685 million results! That's a number hard to fathom. So, what is brand marketing and just why is it so important to you and your company?

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