4 Tips for Internet Copywriting That You Can't Live Without

Posted by Jennifer Gemmell-Adams

shutterstock_765538432.jpgYou might be surprised to learn that one of the reasons some companies are unable to gain ground with their online marketing efforts is because they are lacking effective internet copywriting. Poorly drafted or improperly placed online copy can not only cast a pall of neglect over your digital presence but, in some cases, it can cause a deliberate loss of interest in your brand, products, or services. This means that you not only have to publish compelling content but also keep pace with the trends and changes that have a direct impact on internet copywriting itself.

There is often the mistaken assumption that internet copywriting is a generalized skill able to be performed with little effort. This has resulted in an overabundance of mediocre content that had the potential to be interesting, informative, and actionable – but missed it by 'that' much. Have you ever read a blog post or seen online copy that kept your attention to the very last punctuation mark and left you wanting to read more? That's the type of internet copywriting you want to distribute to your audience to generate interest, attract leads, build a loyal consumer base, and increase profits.

Here are four tips for effective internet copywriting that you can't live without:

  1. Avoid the dollars but keep the sense. Online consumers have become a street-smart bunch over the past several years, and one thing they dislike is dollar signs. Everyone, everywhere on the internet seems to be selling something – but the things that sell the most are those that don't have an initial dollar sign attached. People most often make decisions based on emotion; the feelings they experience when they see something that satisfies a want or need or provides a solution. Your internet copywriting is most effective when it evokes a positive emotional reaction from your audience. After you have drawn them in with the soft sell on their senses, you can then motivate them to take action with less concern over the cost involved in completing their consumer journey.
  2. Address and resolve objections or concerns before they can be raised. Too much marketing content focuses on how awesome or great or wonderful something is, and focuses too little on whether or not it will do this, solve that, or still work right when something wrong happens. Most companies are already aware of possible objections or concerns that a potential consumer may raise when contemplating an offer. You can take the objection phase totally out of the equation by dealing with it before it can even come up. A good way to do so is by being direct, such as saying, 'you might be wondering how [our product] can handle [this problem] right now.' By bringing it up and resolving it before the consumer can, you have eliminated it as an obstacle toward completing the transaction.
  3. Ditch the adjectives and dish out the verbs. Effective internet copywriting means that you are writing content that should make your reader want to take action. If all you are doing is telling them how fantastic something is without telling them what is so fantastic about it, you aren't motivating them to make a move toward your sales funnel. Just like the previous point mentioned, everybody's everything online is fantastic...tell people why yours is, what makes it so, or how it will add that attribute to their lives by buying it.
  4. Put some 'sass' in your content. Short and scannable sentences (S.A.S.S.) are a reader's dream when it comes to online content, especially for mobile users. Your content can be the digital equivalent of War and Peace if you'd like, but make sure your internet copywriting efforts maximize effectiveness by using sentences that don't require much effort to read and comprehend. As an aside, this also means you should steer clear of technical jargon, industry terminology, and other words that aren't easily understood.

If your online content isn't bringing people back for more or motivating them to take action in some way, such as signing up for an email list, subscribing to your blog, or clicking on your calls to action, it cannot be considered effective at all. Creating high value content is just one of many aspects of an overall marketing strategy, but it is one of the most important components for a successful one. Effective internet copywriting gets results, so make sure your company devotes the time and effort to developing it and incorporating it into your content marketing strategy.

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