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Defining Your Brand Identity: First Steps!

brand marketing

Brand marketing is a term used pretty extensively in the business world today. A search for the term turned up 685 million results! That's a number hard to fathom. So, what is brand marketing and just why is it so important to you and your company?

The Editorial Calendar: Bringing Order To Content Chaos

content plan

An editorial calendar is a content plan that brings order to your annual, monthly, and daily content marketing efforts. As an element of content marketing, it is an indispensable, yet often disregarded practice. Often it can seem like too much work.  It may seem impossible to foresee your content needs even a few days hence.  Or you may feel that it brings rigidity into a creative area.

Effective Content Marketing: Getting The Word Out

content marketing tips

Content marketing is so much more than just a couple of words that have created a lot of attention for online marketers. For many it's the lifeblood of their business. So much of your company's success depends on getting the word out about yourself, your brand and your business. 

5 Winning Blog Strategies For Small Business

blog strategy

The Internet might be abuzz with dire proclamations that search engine optimization is dead or that blogs won't help your business' visibility any more. As with most Internet rumors, this is a combination of balderdash and poppycock, with a dash of nonsense thrown in to give it flavor.

Creating a Content Marketing Plan in 2014

content marketing plan

If your business has been testing the content marketing waters, it's time to get serious and build a content marketing plan. With all of the changes that the online marketing world has been through over the last few years, one truth has remained steadfast -- content is king. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you start to develop your content strategy for 2014:

4 Ways to Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

If you've been in business for a while, it might seem like all that you do is shake up your marketing strategy. Over the last couple of decades, cable TV has risen and fallen, newspapers have faded, content became king, and the multimedia online campaign has emerged as the go-to must-have tool in every marketer's box.

Marketing might always be evolving, but Heraclitus was right when he said that the only constant was change -- 2500 years ago. In homage to that very old idea, here are some ways to change how you market your company:

Your New Year's Resolution: A New Content Plan

content plan

The new year has started and if you have not started thinking about your content plan for 2014 you still have time to make plans and get things going. The content on your website is your calling card for the world. It defines your brand, and with that, really who you are. Website content is vital to your business success. 

Your Online Content: Stand Out in 2014

online content

Traditional forms of marketing are becoming increasingly obsolete as time goes on. People own DVRs to skip TV advertising. Print advertising, while still a good solution for some, is becoming more and more a supplement to online marketing. And speaking of which, savvy consumers even know how to get around buttons and banners on websites. So, what does a smart online marketer do to stand out and succeed?

Your Pain, Their Gain: How To Turn Challenges Into Great Blog Content

shutterstock 166088852

As writers we tell stories. Stories engage. Stories illustrate. The love of stories seems to be wired into our human DNA. As marketers we should be telling stories as well. We should be telling the stories we know best…our own. Turn your pain (or happiness, or persistence, or success, or failure) into great blog content for your readers’ gain.

Referrals: Still Relevant in the Digital Age

marketing strategy

Asking for referrals, that time-honored and effective way to generate new business isn't outdated in this digital age. In fact, according to the "New York Times," 65 percent of all new business comes from referrals, and nearly two-thirds of today's consumers make buying choices based on the recommendations of people they know and trust.

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