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Managing Your Content With An Editorial Calendar

content plan

Sometimes content marketing can fall to the back burner if you don't realize just how important this type of advertising is. Content marketing depends more on building the trust of many potential customers rather than just making a quick sale to one or two. And these days, content is really what consumers want to see--not an overload of traditional in-your-face advertisements. 

8 Key Methods For Promoting Your Blog Content

content promotion

You just wrote the greatest blog post ever. You hit publish and you're ready for a day full of traffic. However, two hours after you've published your best blog post ever, it has hardly gotten any hits.

How To Implement An Effective Blog Strategy

blog strategy

The success of your company relies heavily on its ability to stay ahead in the online arena. Blog strategy is the backbone of an online marketing strategy, and crafting content that is effective is a matter of utilizing tried-and-true techniques while integrating innovative marketing methods. Here are some valuable tips that will help you implement a highly-effective blog strategy.

5 Ways To Find Blog Content Inspiration

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As a marketer for several growing businesses, one of my primary tasks is coming up with new content ideas for a company blog. It’s also one of my most challenging, and I often spend several hours just browsing online to get inspiration. I’m also tired of reading those “advice” pieces that say google the keywords, keep an editorial calendar, and all the usual suggestions. So I set out to find more creative ways of getting ideas, which result in original ideas without added effort.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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We all know that social media has made it to the forefront of marketing. If we want our businesses to succeed and gain the most visibility, we have to consistently post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and everything else. It always seems like so much work.

What’s Hot In Content Marketing, And Why You Should Care

content marketing

We talk a lot about the need for freshness in content marketing. But if you’ve been at it for a while, freshness can start to feel frustratingly elusive. How can you stay au courant with your marketing strategy and content?

5 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Content Marketing

content marketing

Many companies have embraced content marketing and are going full speed ahead with an inbound campaign. Others, however, may not be convinced that it's the right way to go or that the efforts will be rewarded with enough new business to make it worth it. If you fall into that second group, here are five good reasons why you can't ignore content marketing any longer.

Top 10 Tips For Better Email Marketing Content

email marketing content

The whole point of email marketing is to make a connection with your recipient. To do that, your emails need to be opened and read, preferably in their entirety. Achieving that depends less on the technical aspects and more on the quality of the content you include. And assuming that you already have a mailing list of qualified prospects, it’s not about SEO and getting found.

Is Your Marketing Content Speaking To Humans?

marketing content

When people interact with a customer service team that sounds scripted and the solutions seem one-size-fits-all, they feel alienated and lose interest in doing more business with that company. The same is true for content marketing. If your content looks like it was rolled fresh out of a machine, with little thought towards the individuals who will read it, people will look somewhere else for solutions to their problems.

5 Easy Tips For Producing Better Content, Faster

content marketing

Producing great content at a quick rate is a highly desirable skill. And like any skill, it's one that can be honed. Quality content increases site traffic and your bottom line.

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