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Repurposing Your Content For Lead Generation

repurpose content

Content marketing may be a fairly new concept, but marketing with content is as old as business itself. After all, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and direct mail campaigns were the mainstays of marketing before the internet. Repurposing content sounds like another new idea, however, taking the contents of a brochure and turning it into a trade show handout or postcard is nothing new. Taking something that you've worked hard to develop to perfection and using it in as many ways possible to get the most out of your investment is how businesses have always made the most of their marketing dollars.

6 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing

content marketing

Businesses of every size face marketing challenges. Startups have to make a name for themselves in a hyper-competitive economic climate, while large corporations need to maintain a personal touch and view their customers as more than just a number. For companies that are past the startup phase but are still a small business, effective content marketing is crucial for continued growth. Here are 6 ways you can use content marketing to help your organization grow.

5 Benefits Of Buyer Personas For Your Business

buyer personas

A buyer persona is a hypothetical profile of a real person who buys from a business or influences the buying process. These profiles include basic information about a person such as gender, age, income, marital status, and professional goals.  When used effectively, buyer personas help a company in numerous ways.  Here are five important reasons that your business should take the time to develop buyer personas for your service or product.

6 Benefits Of Ebooks For Your Content Marketing Campaign

ebook writing

Most content marketing efforts are focused on producing a blog that is updated frequently and provides shorter amounts of information that are easily digested by the reader. This doesn't leave you with a lot of room to go in-depth about any of the solutions that you provide.

7 Secrets To Social Content That Sells

social content

Maintaining a strong presence on social media websites is not just a matter of posting regularly. Social content that is used for the creation of these posts needs to have the ability to sell your product or service to the target market.

Do You Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

social media marketing

You know that online marketing is essential to the success of your business, but does social media really play a role in successful online marketing? The truth is that websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest offer a lucrative opportunity for businesses to gain exposure without having to invest heavily in social media marketing.

7 Creative Ways To Promote Your Marketing Content

content promotion

So you have a blog full of engaging, valuable content that effectively promotes your business. Your organic articles are bringing in some visitors via search engines. You’ve posted content promotion pieces on submission sites that seem to be getting hits. You have even managed to grab some traffic by commenting on blogs that are similar to yours. But if you’re like most online marketers, you’re looking for more.

Is Your Small Business Getting Results With Paid Ad Campaigns?

paid search

Advertisers spent $18.4 billion on paid search in 2013, up 9% from 2012 according to the IAB’s internet advertising revenue report for the year. But in the ever-evolving world of digital media rapid growth doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working, as some small business advertisers have found out the hard way.

5 Ways To Make Old Blog Content New Again

blog content

Making old blog content new again is a proven way to get the greatest impact from your content creation efforts. You can capture every ounce of marketing return on your investment of time and talent, and you can reach a broader audience with your best work.

6 Must-Have Components Of A Successful Content Marketing Plan

content marketing plan

Content marketing is bigger than ever, and most companies now know it’s an essential aspect of brand building and online presence. It’s still an evolving concept, however, which requires a carefully planned strategy and coordinated implementation to be successful. I recently compiled a content marketing plan for a client, and realized while doing so that there are 6 critical components necessary to get it right, regardless of the type of business you’re in.

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